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I listened to English all day long without actually understanding it. It's just baseball, and that's something you understand." "I went down to a gas station to buy a phone card for calling my family. I went to the gas station alone because I didn't want anyone laughing at me.I didn't know how to say 'phone card.' The lady asked me, 'How can I help you? I waited until no one was left but myself and the cashier." "In my first year, there was a player of Cuban descent who spoke Spanish and English well.And even though some of them would make fun of me, they would help me afterwards." "Something that helped me a lot, and that many of my friends have criticized, was that I allotted time to be with Latinos and time to be with Americans.Because I knew that if I spent all my time with only Latinos, I wasn't going to learn." "When I came to the United States, I had a different mentality from the other ballplayers. 1 goal was to take advantage of the opportunity to go to the United States and improve the things I could control, like learning the language.After that, I told [the media], 'I want to say what I feel.' They asked me if I felt comfortable, and I said yes.The first time speaking in English after a game, I got a little nervous.As our relationship got more formal, things got difficult for my family and her family.They did not understand each other." "In my first year in the majors, I had [an interpreter].

I used to have a roommate and he was Puerto Rican, born in the U. I would ask him what to say to her, and he would tell me in English, and I would say it over the phone." "[My wife] knew a little Spanish and I knew a little English [when we met].However, in November 2008, during an interview in the Dominican magazine Cayena, Rodriguez finally said that she’s not lesbian.And in October 2013 in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Michelle said she is a bisexual.Because if you know two languages, it can open other doors for you.If you don't make it to the big leagues, it can help you work as a scout, a coach or open the door to another country." "In Texas they began to teach me English with Rosetta Stone, but that did not work for me. One day he said to me, 'Hey, you can do it by yourself,' and then I started." "Playing rookie ball, 70 percent of the team is Spanish-speaking and 30 percent is American.

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I try to explain it to them." "Kids now have a lot more opportunities to learn. We started by ordering food at Mc Donald's or at Subway after the game.